March 6, 2013

yet another lickety split bag

I finally finished a bag I promised long ago to my friend, Molly. I really talked up my Lickety Split Bag as the best diaper bag ever. Even though she doesn't need a diaper bag anymore, she was interested in this bag's cross-body styling and fun look.

I am in love with this fabric, and I am delighting in the fact that I have enough left over to make something else (very small) with it. Fabric is Moda Mod Century Gray Asian Mobile.

I chose to use a button closure so that Molly could make this bag reversible. I've been waiting for something this perfect to use these super fun vintage buttons for.

The Moda Mod Century Pod Dots is featured when reversed - it is hard to choose a favorite here. This bag is also the larger version like I made here. One more change I made: Molly wanted her straps a bit longer, so I lengthened them 6 inches. The opening of the bag hangs just at her hip, which is just what she wanted.

I kind of want to make a new one of these puppies for myself, even though I love the one I am carrying now. I'm the first one to admit it - I have a bag addiction, and I tire of the same old bag quickly and easily. But, this bag is so fabulous... and the fabric combinations are never ending! A magnetic snap closure would rock. Maybe I'll try that next.

:) Shelly