December 22, 2012

lickety split bag

I didn't sew many Christmas projects this year. Okay, I only sewed one. I was kind of bummed with myself about that, but I had to be realistic about my time. I just got back from the Caribbean (I know, poor me), and I wasn't at all prepared for Christmas before leaving. I did make one present for one special family member... then I made something for myself. Is that terribly selfish of me? Tough beans.

A while ago I purchased Made By Rae's Lickety Split Bag pattern. The pattern is super easy and well-written (it even includes a "cheat sheet" with pictorial directions!). I made one as a gift (to be shown after Christmas!), then I did a little tweaking to the pattern and made this one for myself. This bag came together quickly and was a very satisfying project!

I lengthened the pattern by attaching another main bag pattern piece in order to make it a "taller" bag. I need a little more room for all my stuff. I also decided to match the pockets on the outside and inside of the bag (the pockets are supposed to be contrasting - outer with lining fabric on the outside, lining with outer fabric pockets on the inside).

I also added a velcro tab closure. I should have used a magnetic snap, but velcro is easier and I was lazy. The bag is intended to be reversible, which is a great feature. However, adding this type of closure makes it irreversible. That was okay with me, though - because I don't plan on ever reversing it.

The pockets are wonderful on this bag. The outside pockets keep my keys and phone handy, and the inside pockets organize my essentials. The strap is awesome, too. It just ties together at the top, so I can lengthen it or shorten it, depending on whether I want a cross-body bag or a slouchy purse. I just love this fabric, even though it is EVERYWHERE. I'm sure you've seen it. I used it to make this apron for my friend, JoAnn, (in fact I used this same fabric combination). I think the brown floral is an Alexander Henry print, but I don't remember which one. The blue is just from the quilting cottons wall at JoAnn's.

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to sew more. It is therapy in its most enjoyable form. So, there will be more to come soon. Until then... Happy Holidays!

:) Shelly

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