March 11, 2013

cowboy cape

Superhero capes are probably my favorite thing to make. The whole process - from conceptualizing, to designing, to sewing, to giving - is a true delight. This one has been in the project pile for quite a while. It is for one of the cutest toddlers I know - a cowboy named Henry. I think he's finally tall enough to wear it!

Marcus is always eager to model capes for me. He just started Karate, like his brother, and he uses any opportunity to showcase his new moves.

The lining fabric is a simple brown-and-white polka dot flannel for JoAnn's. I was pleased with this fabric because it is much softer than they typical flannel I find at JoAnn's.

The main fabric is Michael Miller Yippee Cowboy Retro. It is so charming... and what could be better than a cowboy and a superhero in one?

This little sucker is giving me a real run for my money lately! But he is so darn cute - I think that is his not-so-secret superpower.

:) Shelly

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