August 9, 2010

an apron for the hostess with the mostest

I am still smiling from the most fabulous weekend I just enjoyed with my friends in Walla Walla, WA. Eight fun girls travelled to Walla Walla to celebrate our friend, JoAnn's, birthday. I was so delighted that JoAnn came up with this idea - so, what better gift to give the birthday hostess than a lovely hostess apron?!

Are you just so tired of seeing me sew these aprons?! Well, tough beans! They are so fun and easy to make, and I just love matching up the fabrics to create them! I also love wearing my apron. So, I will be making more... and more. You should, too.

This Alexander Henry fabric is one that I've seen all over the place lately. Isn't it gorgeous? The blue band fabric is pretty, too - I snagged that from the quilting fabric section at JoAnn Fabrics. I think our birthday girl really liked her apron.

Here we all are in hot, sunny Walla Walla, in front of some grape vines at Cougar Crest Winery (Yum is all I have to say about that place, though I wish I could remember some of the funny cougar jokes that were shared among our group at this last winery of a long wine tasting day!). For more than two days, mommy duty was replaced with hot tubbing, pool dipping, and wine tasting, and now I am feeling well rested and loving my little guys even more than I did before I left. Thank you, Jo, for the great trip... my vote is to make it an annual event!

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