January 4, 2013

another lickety split bag

This is actually the first Lickety Split Bag I made from Made By Rae's delightful pdf pattern. It's funny because usually I stick to the basic pattern the first time around, but when I made this bag I decided to use piping and a button loop. The bag was a bit smaller than I originally anticipated, but it still seemed the perfect size for my SIL, Amy. She received it on Christmas and *I think* she liked it. After I finished it, I worried that it was a little bit too busy for her.

Both fabrics are from JoAnn's. The darker purple print works a lot better for this bag because of its non-directional print. You'll see what I mean in the next photo...

Lining up print has never been a strength of mine, and though the piping helps, it still bothers me that the rows of flowers don't match up at the seam in the middle of the bag.

The Lickety Split Bag I made for myself has quickly become my all-time favorite bag. And that's say'n something because I've been on a continuous search for the perfect diaper bag for over six years now. If I make another for myself I will probably use a solid fabric for the outside, or maybe even use a solid and a print so that half the bag is solid (corduroy?) and half is print - that would look kind of cool, right? Hmmm.

I have a few projects in various stages of progress right now. I'll be back soon!

:) Shelly


  1. By the time you find the perfect diaper bag you are not going to need one! Maybe you can become a diaper bag consultant. Looks like a cool bag though.

  2. Hi, Shelly! I find it so nice that you have made some changes on the original PDF design, and I believe that is your way to express yourself. The color is perfect, and I agree when you said that the purple print works a lot better. This bag is so cool and I hope you post more about your craft. :)

    Leonia Shearer

  3. Thank you both! Hahaha, Reshma - diaper bag consultant!