January 6, 2011

transportation cape

Last night I finished the last of the custom-order superhero capes.

This is the second cape I made for a friend's two sons (check out the first construction-themed one here). She asked for a "very BOY cape." I wanted to make this cape different from the first, but not too different... I didn't want there to be a superior cape since the boys would be sharing them. Both capes have "B"s on them for the boys' last name.

I really like how this cape came out. It was fun to make a larger version of the little green truck in the print. I wish I had found this print long ago when I was making the crib bedding for Charlie (but then again, we didn't know if he was boy or girl until he was born).

Little did we know we were having "Super Boy!" Charlie chose to model this cape pirate-style, complete with eye-patch and spyglass. I went back and forth about the trim color for this cape: red vs. navy. But, in the end, I thought red might look to Christmas-y with the green lining of the cape. I think I made the right choice.

So, here's where I sum up my experience making and selling custom-made superhero capes. It was really fun, but it kind of stressed me out too much. Maybe it was because of the holidays and the fact that six orders came in pretty much all at once. Or, maybe it is just the whole deadline thing in general. I don't know. What I did figure out is that I won't be opening an Etsy shop anytime soon. Sewing is my relaxing hobby, and trying to make a business out of it took the relaxing (and the hobby) right out of it. I've decided that I will still make custom capes for friends and acquaintances who would like to order one... but I'm going to keep it super informal. That's me: Super Informal Girl. My cape is just invisible, you see.

:) Shelly

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  1. Shelly, you have so much going on right now with working on the new house, etc. I can see why trying to work on a deadline with this would be definitely stressful. Maybe in a couple of years you can train Charlie and Marcus to do the basic piece work for a reasonable fee. Then you can think again about your online business.