December 3, 2010

capes for sale

I've delivered two of the five custom-made capes that have been ordered so far. The most enjoyable part of making these was seeing how excited the recipients were when I presented the finished capes to them!

Violet's mom asked her what her ideal superhero cape would look like if she had one. Violet answered, "sparkly star ponies". So this is what I came up with. (Note that I have returned to my felt-using ways. Fleece, you are too unpredictable for me.)

See the sparkles? Love that fabric! Charlie kind of looks like a zombie here rather than a sparkly-star-pony superhero.

He didn't protest to modeling the cape for me, though - which is surprising because he is very sensitive about wearing "girly" capes.

This one is for Dominic and Matty to share. Well, I'm actually making a second one for them so that the don't have to share! The "B" is for their last name, and their mom asked for a very BOY cape. I was delighted with how the dump truck turned out!

Orange and blue is one of my favorite color combinations (Go Bears!).

And, Marcus' superhero pose totally rocks!

More capes coming soon!
:) Shelly


  1. Oh, holy horses! Where did you find the horse fabric? Must get some of that! Super Purple Girl is a big horse lover.
    Great fabric combos and your applique shapes are fantastic.

  2. Those are adorable! And I can SO relate on forcing your son to model girly things :).