January 16, 2011

sock monkey aprons and more

I've taken a little break from sewing. We have had a lot going on with our new house project, so my evening sewing sessions have been replaced with early bedtimes this past week. I do still have one project in the works, a bag from the book One Yard Wonders. I am working on this bag as part of my Thursday Night Sewing Club with my pal, Anna.

Speaking of Anna, since I have nothing to showcase this week, I will brag about the darling apron she made for Marcus for his birthday. Charlie is wearing his apron, which Anna made for him a year or so ago. Next to him is not Marcus, but Charlie's friend, Lachlan, who happily donned Marc's apron to make some cookies while Marcus was sleeping.

Why is Charlie looking so forlorn, you may wonder? Well, he was convinced that he didn't like honey... which is what we were using to make these very yummy gluten-free almond flour cookies. His mood lightened when I broke out the chocolate chips, and by cookie-sampling time he was a believer in the tastiness of the bees' sweet nectar.

This was my first big success using almond flour. I won't even describe to you how horrible my first three attempts turned out. Yikes. You can find this gluten-free, almond flour chocolate chip cookie recipe at comfybelly.com, here.

I love sock monkeys, which is why I extra-adore Anna's aprons. Posting the sock monkey aprons reminded me of my only attempt at creating a sock creature...

I made "Wonky" (who was truly wonky!) using the book/kit, Stupid Sock Creatures.

It was a decent first attempt, but when I look at Wee Wonderful's or Sew Much Ado's doll/toycreations, I totally want to try again.

I am still going to make Marcus a cape... someday. I just got a little bit lazy and a little bit overwhelmed by the crazy number of gifts that kid accumulated between Christmas and his January birthday. Whoa. So, I figure he could use a gift-getting break, anyways.

:) Shelly

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