January 2, 2011

flaming arrow cape

Please forgive my blurry pictures. I was having some trouble with my camera yesterday and didn't realize these were so blurry until I uploaded them today (after already delivering the cape to its new owner). Anyways, here is Elliot's flaming arrow superhero cape!

Elliot is Violet's sister (whose cape I made a few weeks ago). Now, I've never met Elliot, but I totally want to! He designed this cape himself! His mom sent me an email describing his cape design: On the inside it would be black, and on the outside it would be blue with a big fire starting on the bottom coming up and a big orange arrow outlined in black in the middle. She specified later that the arrow should be pointing upwards.

I think I nailed it! I found this Alexander Henry flame fabric and thought *perrrrfect!*.

The inside is black with very a tiny, subtle dark grey circle pattern.

Charlie and his buddy, Charlie B., took turns modeling the cape for me, but all photos came out blurry. ARGHHH! That stinky little Marcus was playing with my camera settings so I'm totally blaming him. You like Charlie's shoes? Ha! He is one clumsy superhero in those!

One more cape coming this week, then I plan to make a superhero cape for Marcus for his big 2nd birthday! I guess I just can't stop!

:) Shelly

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