December 27, 2010

flannel pillowcases for my favorite kids

I hope that everyone had a very happy Christmas! We are back from a week in Chicago visiting our family. Despite a nasty stomach bug that we suffered from and spread to some of our extended family members (sorry!), we still managed to have a merry holiday with our loved ones. While I was staying at my mom's and dad's house (and the sick kids were sleeping), I managed to whip together these pillowcases (using this tutorial) for my own kids and my nephews and nieces. Thanks for the use of your sewing machine, Mom!

Blue cars and green dots for Charlie ("Mom, I love it. Green and blue are my favorite!" How did I know?!).

Dinosaurs on aqua with an orange dot trim for my nephew, Zachary.

Sweet pink floral with black and white damask print for my niece, Maddie. Her room is designed in this color scheme with a reverse black and white damask print and a darker pink. Her mom (my SIL, Kim) sews beautifully and designed the room herself. I wish I had snapped a photo of Maddie's room - it is darling!

Tools and blue dots for my nephew, Bobby.

A floral and bird pattern with dark pink dot trim for my niece, Abby. This is Riley Blake fabric, purchased on sale from my very favorite fabric store, The Quilting Loft.

Bears and balloons with a light green and blue dot print trim for Marcus - this is the softest of all of the flannels I've ever used. Marky loves it! Besides the Riley Blake fabric, I found all others at JoAnn's super flannel sale just after Thanksgiving. Gotta love that!

I have two more superhero capes to make this week... so back to the machine I go (once I unpack this insane amount of luggage!).

:) Shelly

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  1. Super cute Shelly!! Hmmmm....another thing to add to my list of "want-to-makes"....

    Welcome back!