November 23, 2010

my non-clutch move

Almost two weeks ago I posted this and alluded to another project that was also riddled with mistakes. So, without further ado...

Exhibit B: Gathered Clutch

I made this clutch alongside my friend, Anna, using Noodlehead's Gathered Clutch Tutorial (By the way, my Anna is a different Anna than the Anna who writes Noodlehead). Anna didn't have a zipper that night, so she only finished half of her clutch and then drank a glass of wine while she watched me mess mine all up.

The tutorial is well written for the most part, but some of the directions concerning the zipper covers are a little bit confusing. The Anna from Noodlehead has actually created a pattern for this clutch, which probably explains these parts betther than the tutorial (It is awfully nice of her to leave the tutorial up when she has a pattern for this bag to sell!). The big problem I had (besides the zipper covers) was that I used a heavyweight fabric, and that just doesn't work for this bag. As you can see from the picture above, the corners are not quite right, and that made the lining bunch up at the top, too. I love this Amy Butler fabric, and still have some leftover from this project (click link and scroll all the way down).

The bag is actually smaller than what I would consider a clutch, but it would make a very cute make-up bag. I did actually use it as a clutch one night when I went out with some friends, and my necessities (cash, cards, phone, keys) did fit into it, but it seemed kind of awkward to hold. If I make this one again, I would just make it slightly larger (mostly longer), and I would definitely use a lightweight cotton fabric with interfacing so that my corners would turn out properly.

Hopefully Anna's turned out better than mine did! Get crack'n, Anna! It's not like you are planning a Thanksgiving dinner for a zillion people or anything!

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