November 27, 2010

super dino-mite cape

My sweetie pie nephew, Zach turned 4 this week! He is an avid collector of all things dinosaur, so I made him a superhero cape with a prehistoric theme for his big day.

Being the junior paleontologist he is, I knew that Zach would prefer more realistic looking dinosaurs over the cute cartoonish ones. I can't even pronounce (much less spell!) the name of the swimming dinosaur that is is favorite. Plus, my skills in drawing a realistic dinosaur are seriously lacking, so Zach got a cute brontosaurus silhouette on the back of his cape.

The inside of the cape is just a simple beige print.

And I used some of that very, very cute dinosaur print flannel that I had left from this project for the cape's collar. I am cursing myself for not buying more of that fabric when I had the chance!

A big change for me was that I used fleece (instead of felt) for the emblem this time around. I know that fleece will hold up much better in the washing machine than felt does, but it was very difficult to cut clean edges using the fleece. I think my little bronto friend came out okay, but he would have been much sharper if I had used felt. Hmmm. I'll have to think about this.

I am making four (maybe five) more capes before Christmas. This is my first experiment with selling custom superhero capes. So far, it has been fun finding the fabric for each cape theme... now I just have to get cutting and sewing!

Anyways... Happy Birthday, Zach! Can't wait to see you soon, Mr. Dinosaur Superhero!

:) Shelly

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