November 14, 2010

better late than never

Well, I didn't imagine that I would get my pillowcases finished by the end of pillow week, but I am actually pretty proud of myself that I'm only one day late with them! I had originally planned to also make a couple of throw pillow using some of the great tutorials on House on Hill Road for the week, but it just never happened.

I made two pillowcases for the pillows on our bed using MADE's pillowcase tutorial and a little bit of Little Birdie Secrets' pillowcase tutorial. Both tutorials suggest using fabric that does not have a directional pattern. After making these, I totally understand why... making sure I had both a left side pillow and a right side pillow required quite a bit of thinking! Plus, using directional fabric required more than 3/4 yd + 1/3 yd of fabric (the 41" is the length of the fabric, while the 26"/11" is the height). I should have taken a photo of the cut fabric to show exactly what I mean here, but I was just too busy thinking about my pillowcase execution!

What I will never post is a photo of the before state of our bed. I will just tell you that there was no duvet cover to speak of (just a bare bones down comforter) and a combination of purple and tan sheets (in a green room). Blech! I found this awesome Cecelia bird print at Ikea with the plan to make a duvet cover out of it. Then I decided it was be just too much bird for one bed. So, I purchased the Ikea black and white duvet cover on the bed to go with the bird silhouette on the fabric. I picked up the throw pillow at Ikea on impulse, and have since really taken a liking to it.

However, I am rethinking the throw pillow now - it might be too much pattern with the new pillowcases. Chris hates this throw pillow. In fact, he strongly dislikes any throw pillows on the bed. Each night he assertively chucks the pillow into the corner of the room. Have you ever seen Along Came Polly? Remember the pillow scene? So hilarious. I wonder if I will ever drive Chris this crazy?

The movie clip is two minutes long and totally worth it. Check it out here.

One more thing: I will disclose to you that our bed is actually never made... and, when it is, this is what happens to it.

I also made a new pillowcase for Marcus. Yep, that duvet cover is also from Ikea. I think I have a problem. I forgot to look at the designers of each of the fabrics, but I found both flannels at Pacific Fabrics in Seattle.

Charlie made it very clear that he would like a new pillowcase, too. It all needs to be even-steven, after all. Maybe I'll do better this time without a deadline... or maybe not!

:) Shelly

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  1. Your talents never cease to amaze me. You are such a great seamstress!!! Keep up the good work, lady! xo