March 15, 2013

patricia infinity cowl

 Last week I found a new infinity scarf pattern from luvinthemommyhood. I was looking for a scarf that would transition well into spring - something light around the neck. I found the patricia infinity cowl which uses six fat quarters of cotton fabric (I'm calling this a scarf. I don't really know the difference between a scarf and a cowl, but since I wear this one looped twice (like an infinity scarf), that's how I'll refer to it!). This is a terrific pattern from a fantastic blog!

I typically don't try something totally new when making a gift, but I decided to make my first one for Sam, who watches Morgan while I'm at co-op preschool with Marcus. Happy Birthday, Sam! Morgan was with me when I went to JoAnn's to select some choice fat quarters. The cool thing about this scarf is that it looks different every time you put it on, depending on which side you feature in which spot.

See what I mean? Hard to believe this is the same scarf! I fell in love with the color scheme for this scarf, and the fabrics were okay. I wish I had used some better fabrics for Sam, softer ones especially. But, after a few washes, I bet this scarf will cozy up quite well. Apologies for the nighttime photos (in my bathroom, no less!). Of course, I finished this scarf up the night before I was to gift it.

I made a second scarf at Thursday Night Sewing Club with Anna. Now, I have to admit to you - the color scheme is not really what I was going for. You know how when you're in the fabric store with your toddler (eeek - she's a toddler now!) and it is going great, then she starts to fuss, then cry, then scream? And you are then getting the evil eye from other patrons? Well, that's how I ended up grabbing a handful of purple fat quarters.

It actually turned out okay. I made this one as a donation for the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation auction. I have a couple of bags to make for that auction, too... but those will come later.

I made this last scarf last night. I only used three fat quarters for this one, then I folded the scarf in half lengthwise and sewed it up. For spring, I like that this scarf is less bulky than the others. I also LOVE the fabric - Dearstella Piper Floral, Zig Zag (Punch), and Scallop (Orange). Next time I would probably shorten it a bit - I like my scarves a little closer to the neck. I tried wrapping this one around three times, but I nearly strangled myself!

Marcus also demonstrates how this scarf can be worn as a hood (the original six fat quarter scarf). It looks ridiculous on me, but on Marcus it kind of works, right? Seriously, I think this kid has a future in homemade fashion modeling. I don't even need to get a display dress form (yes I do!).

:) Shelly

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  1. Happy I found your blog! lovely scarves, handmade is my passion too! I just added "infinity" loop scarves to my collection and reminded them of yours! Very cool! nice that you do donations, would like to do the same myself! :)
    Cheers! "Nothing Compares to Honest HANDMADE!" or "The Way It Used to Be" right?
    - Patricia,