January 29, 2013

little backpacks

I made some little corduroy backpacks for a friend's two little cuties. 

I used MADE's Hobo Sack pattern to make the basic bag, then added a pocket, straps, and letter applique to finish the backpack (kind of like the ones I made here and here).

Marcus was a bit annoyed that he had to model the girl's backpack. However, a morning piece of Pez helped him improve his attitude about it. Candy bribery: terrible, but very effective.

I was super happy with how the packs came out. One afterthought was to make the straps adjustable. I used a loop near the bottom of each side seam to loop the straps through and sew them together. However, in the future I'll probably just tie the straps to the loop with a good knot - then the straps can be adjusted for length as the child gets bigger (or wears a big puffy coat in the winter).

Here's where I plug my friend's business because she is super cool and very talented...

Mamas With Cameras

So if you are in Seattle, you should check it out. I plan to. Because, obviously she did not take these photos of her kids' backpacks! I definitely need some help with my SLR!!

:) Shelly

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