January 16, 2013

help me with a name!

So, I am working on a few projects right now, but nothing is quite done yet. I'm also having a HUGE problem with my computer concerning available space on my disc. Time to clean out the iPhoto, I guess. So, in the meantime, I've been doing some thinking. I'm making enough stuff on commission lately that I've decided to print some labels to sew onto the things I make.... but what do I print on the labels? Tales from the Seam Ripper just doesn't convey *confidence* in my product, you know?  Can you help me decide?

I've had a little list going in my head for some time now...

  • little pumpkin
  • and sew on
  • silver lining
  • little sun puddles
  • i of the needle
  • sea shelly sew
  • seams to me
  • sew lovely
  • little daisy
  • peas and carrots

Of course, I haven't checked the Great Big Internet to see if these names are even available. What do you like? Or do you have a new suggestion? I'm all ears!

:) Shelly


  1. I like "and sew on" and "silver linings" you could do something pretty cute with silver thread I'm thinking . . . I like them all really! Very sweet.

  2. I like Little Sun Puddles, but do you think it would sound better if you drop the "little" and just use Sun Puddles. It's a name that makes me think of kids and fun. That's why I like it.