April 29, 2012

new burp cloths

It's pretty crazy that Morgan is already 10 weeks old! She is such a little delight, and we've all been having so much fun with her. 

I sat down at my sewing machine for the first time since this little lady was born. It turns out, she is a wonderful sewing apprentice. She just played on her kick-around blanket and shot me some big grins.

Then she got tired and decided to snuggle up in what we call her Queenie Chair (thank you, Andrea!) to take a nap. She is covered up with one of the burp cloths I sewed up for Marcus shortly after he was born. I made four of these terry cloth and flannel cloths, and they are the best. I made them before I started blogging, but they are much like the ones I made here for my friends' baby. They're getting pretty worn, though - and they are super boy style with robots and cars on them - so I decided to make some new ones this morning.

Ta-da! I made these a little bit narrower than the old ones, using the 10x18" dimensions that MADE suggests (because everything she makes seems to turn out perfectly!). You can look at her tutorial here.

I also used the chenille-style fabric for the backing rather than the terry cloth. I think it will stay softer longer, and it looks nicer, too. I was shopping for white, but Pacific Fabrics only had yellow and purple, so I gave those a shot. Turns out a little extra color is quite nice. The flannel I used are all scraps from other projects. That bird print flannel is so stinking cute - I should have bought the whole bolt instead of just a couple of yards. Sadly, I think that is the last of it (unless I can squeeze a little bib out of the tiny scrap that remains).

I'm not going to lie to you here... having three kids is really hard. Everyone's piece of the mommy pie got a little bit smaller when Morgan was born, and it seems that my own piece took the greatest size reduction (though Chris would argue that his was hit the hardest). I just don't seem to have any time to do stuff like sew anymore... unless something happens like CHRIS TAKES THE BOYS CAMPING FOR THE WEEKEND! Yes, I love the boys, but it was really fun to have some girl time with Morgan this weekend. And, I got a chance to introduce her to her future best friend - the sewing machine. Plus, I got to do other, more mundane things - like eat all of my lunch and take a shower alone. Bliss.

Did you notice that there is another project already started in that picture? I'm hoping that I can squeeze some sewing time in here and there - maybe even tonight! Sewing makes me so happy - almost as much as those crazy kiddos do!

:) Shelly

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  1. Yay for you! The burpies are adorable- love the bird fabric.