March 10, 2012

Morgan and her quilt

I'm sorry for the long absence from my blog. I had a baby girl! She was born on her due date, February 20th. We named her Morgan Frances, and we've been very busy falling in love with her these past few weeks.

Morgan is still pretty sleepy. And she is fairly tiny - she weighed in at 6lb 13oz at birth. This was taken the morning after we came home from the hospital.

We think she is pretty darn cute. She actually looks just like Charlie when he was a baby. The boys are both pretty smitten with her.

Just a couple of nights before she was born, I finished her quilt. I made it using the pattern from Little Stitches for Little Ones by Amy Butler.

I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. It looks really good with the crib bedding, and my craftsmanship is not half-bad. I need to work on "stitch-in-the-ditch" and my binding is totally wrong (I decided not to follow the directions), but for my first quilting attempt, I am very proud of myself.

I think Morgan will enjoy lounging on this when she starts playing on the floor and engaging in tummy time. Then she can use it to snuggle up with in her toddler bed when she gets to be a big girl!

Here's the back of the quilt. I decided to bind it in a solid color because the polka dots seemed like too much when I started to cut it out for binding. I like the contrast (and the ease of using pre-made quilt binding!).

Right now Morgan is sleeping in a bassinet, so her crib is actually a very fancy laundry basket.

But, she is getting bigger every day. So, I better break my laundry basket crib habit. Here she is at almost 3 weeks old (and about to clear 7 lbs!). She is definitely waking up a little bit now. She is sweet as pie!

I'm not going to kid myself... the sewing is pretty much at a standstill at this point. I'm talking serious dust on the machine. When I'm back on the horse again, I'll post a new project. I do have a nice little stash of little girl prints to tackle, after all.

:) Shelly


  1. Morgan is absolutely adorable! Congratulations and blessings as you continue to fall in love with her.

    Great job on her quilt as well. I think it looks beautiful.

  2. Your daughter is precious! Just found your blog. I love to sew and quilt, always looking to see what others are doing. By the way i think you did a great job on the quilt!

  3. Congratulations dear! That first picture of Morgan is just <3!

    Pretty quilt too. I don't think I could ever do that and do it as lovingly as you did.

  4. As far as where you can get the bedding, if Wal-Mart no longer carries it I think you are probably out of luck. Target also has some adorable sets now under their Dwell line that are also very affordable.
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