May 15, 2012

pacifier strap

Today I found a little sliver of time in which to do a little bit of sewing. I actually used a larger chunk of free time last week to sew this same project, but it went horribly wrong. And, it was such a simple project. Boy, am I rusty.

First, here's Morgan. She is almost three months old! And, no, I'm not trying to suffocate my child with that ridiculously huge pacifier strap. In case you haven't guessed, that is the project that went horribly wrong. How could I so grossly mismeasure?! It is quite unbelievable! I blame that very cute fabric - it is like the bad luck fabric (there was another project a while back that went horribly wrong with that fabric that I never reported on). I suspect the birds' hypnotic stares render my sewing skills useless.

Ah, now that is more like it. A small, simple pacifier strap. I based the design off of MADE's pacifier clip tutorial. If I only had a serger, this project would have been perfect for me. But, the no-serger method is too much work for such a simple product.

So, all I did was use MADE's dimensions and simplify the process:
1. Cut two 1.5" wide by 14" long strips.
2. Sew them wrong sides together, leaving a large gap on the side for turning.
3. Clip corners and turn right side out, using a chopstick or turning tool to push the corners out.
4. Iron, then topstitch all the way around.
5. Place suspender clip  3/4" from bottom, turn up end so that back sides are together, stitch across.
6. Stitch 1" piece of velcro (fastener side) at other end on back side of strap.
7. Stitch 1"piece of velcro (soft side) about 3" down from the top end of strap (on the back side of strap).

It was a very simple, quick project. I should have taken the time to change my thread to, I don't know,  maybe something that coordinated a little better with the fabric?! Now you can all see how messy my lines are. Oh well, I just managed to squeak this project out before Little Miss woke up from her nap and we had to prepare to fetch her big brother from preschool. So, I'll take what I can get. It was a quick stitch, though... and I know a few babies who are about to be born who may just be receiving one of these handy little straps!

:) Shelly

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