October 12, 2011

batman, pirate, and preparing to say goodbye

After a few late-night sewing sessions, I finally have some progress to show off on my boys' Halloween costumes. We have a very fun Halloween party to attend this Sunday, so I'm working with a tight deadline here! I think I might just make it though (hope, hope...).

Last week I sewed up Marcus' pirate vest using MADE's Frontier Vest pattern. I also created a "Jack Sparrow" bandana/wig (even though Marcus really doesn't know who Jack Sparrow actually is - except through the world of Lego). On Saturday night, I whipped together Charlie's Batman cape while  Chris cleaned up his office space across from my sewing machine. That was a hot date, let me tell you!
Last night I finished Charlie's Batman hood. When the boys woke up this morning, Charlie asked me with urgency if he could see the hood (he already had a sneak-peek at the cape). Marcus asked for his costume, too. So, here they are at 7:00 am, all dressed up. I was dying of laughter when I put the bandana on Marcus - he looks like Bob Marley!

Charlie is getting good at Karate, huh?! Tonight the babe-in-utero and I will be burning the midnight oil upstairs in front of the sewing machine.  I have to make some serious progress on Charlie's Batsuit in order to have everything hemmed and ready for Sunday's party. I will post more info on the pattern and material I used when I post next.

Speaking of posting next... I think that my next post will be my last for a while. As you've probably noticed, my sewing and posting has really thinned out in the last few months. Sure, we've been really busy with the move, the pregnancy, yadda-yadda. However, I think I'm just in need of a long hiatus. I am so impressed with the sewing/crafting bloggers who have 2+ kids and still manage to churn out new and exciting projects and posts, sometimes daily! It is incredible... but it is definitely not me. I'm super tired and have actually kind of enjoyed my absence from blogging these past few months. To me, that means I need a break! Thanks to everyone who reads this blog - it has been fun to write it. :)

For those of you who know me well and just can't live without my written word (ha!), I plan to spend a little more time on my family blog, especially with the new baby coming. And, I'll definitely leave this blog up for the links, etc. (sorry I never got super into making tutorials!).

So, anyways, next time - the final Halloween costumes! I think I'm wearing an oldie this year - should I be a Care Bear or a Queen (both will accommodate my growing belly)?

:) Shelly

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