November 2, 2011

goodbye, for now

I hope that you all had a wonderful Halloween. Ours was very fun, and the boys loved their costumes. 

I made Charlie's Batman costume using the McCall's 5952 pattern. I've found that this shiny polyester material works really well for making these jumpsuit-type costumes. Charlie's 3T Spider-Man costume is still going strong, and it has survived many washings. I added the cape and belt to this costume to make it complete. I made Marcus' costume using MADE's Frontier Vest pattern and some scissor-treatment on an old pair of jeans. I fashioned the dreadlocks-bandana (aka: pirate hair) from my own imagination using ric-rac and a pre-fab black bandana. This was the first year that Marcus was really into his costume, so I have the feeling I'll have to step-it-up for next year. I guess I'll be starting in June!

So, this is it. Sorry for this lame-o post as my last one for a while. I'll probably be back, but not before I'm settled in with Baby #3. Wish me luck! Hopefully I'll manage to sew a little bit more before my wee one is born!

Thanks for reading!

:) Shelly

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