September 30, 2011

hemming and planning

I've been hemming some curtains lately. The only thing that is exciting about the curtain hemming is the fact that we actually have some privacy in our new house with the finishing of each window (which is actually very few at this point). I also hemmed some cute IKEA curtains for Marcus' preschool.

I found these curtains in the clearance bin at IKEA for $8 a set! What a deal! I love how light and airy they are, especially on a sunny day like today! The ant farm is my favorite part of this picture, though.

The monotony of curtain hemming has been spiced up by one very exciting development. Take a look at what I'm ready to purchase next...

And why would I want a Hello Kitty sewing machine? Because I'm having a GIRL! Yay! So, even though I don't have the curtains done for the rooms where family members who have actually already been born are living, I am totally planning the baby girl's room. I plan to make curtains, a crib skirt, a quilt, and some fabric baskets for the changing table. What do you think of my options?

Choice #1: Suzy Ultman Critter Community
I was thinking of using this one-yard panel for the front of the blanket and for the fabric baskets.

And this print (sorry so fuzzy) for the crib skirt and the curtains.

Choice #2: Aneela Hoey Little Apples Round and Round
I would probably pair this with a pink polka-dot.
This print is so cute, but the room is a very nice green, which might not match this very well.
And I don't wan't to repaint... so that might be a deal-breaker.

Choice #3: Michael Miller/Sara Jane Children At Play Dolls
I love this. It think it is my favorite. I have to buy a new crib,
and I'm imagining a white one with spindles would look so great with this.
I'd pair Dolls with this polka-dot print from the same line.

Back on the boy-front, I plan to have some major progress completed on Halloween costumes this weekend. No secrets here - Charlie placed an order for Batman and Marcus requested Pirate. I already have my fabric, just need to start cutting. Should be fun! I tried to talk Marcus into being Robin, but he was not to be persuaded. Let me know what you think of baby fabric choices (all found at - I better get started soon considering my snail's pace at sewing these days!

:) Shelly


  1. You got me with the owls in the first choice......!

  2. I really like 1 and 3, probably leaning more towards 3 if there is enough green so you don't have to repaint. Enjoy preparing for the little girl! They are so much fun, but I'm warning you - there are a TON more choices of things to buy versus boys. I am always having to stop myself from buying this or that :)

  3. Thanks you two. I think I might be leaning towards the owls now - with the pink polka dots as an accent. I totally understand what you are talking about, Rajean - it is overwhelming for me to go into Gymboree to look at girls' clothes! I haven't been able to purchase anything yet - I keep freezing up!