September 22, 2011

fort building kit

Hooray! I actually sewed something this past week. Nope, it wasn't this. It actually wasn't as exciting as this, but I had to do a little happy-dance about it because I sewed for the first time in two months! It felt great!

So, what's this? Well, this, my friends, is a Fort Building Kit made by my buddy Anna. She put this together for Charlie for his fifth birthday, and we've had some good times with it. I apologize for not taking a photo of the cute drawstring storage bag that all of the supplies are stored in. I also forgot to snap a picture of the darling inventory tag that Anna made before Marcus ripped it off of the bag and immediately lost it somewhere in our house.

The kit contains: a drawstring storage bag, two bedsheets with many ties sewn onto the ends, rope, small and large clips, various sizes of suction cups, and a flashlight.

On our first attempt at building a fort with our kit, we found the rope to be very helpful to clip the sheet onto.

We also found these clips to be the handiest. Here they are clipped onto Charlie's bed (the dowel rod is from a pirate flag that was hung as decoration for the fort).

These suction cups were surprisingly strong and gave our fort some good height on one end. Here you can see the ties that are sewn onto the sheet edges in several places.

Beware of our fort, ye landlubbers!

Marcus added the mop in the middle of the fort to keep the ceiling from hanging too low. We left the fort up for a few days, then it came down by the natural force of two wild boys.

Love this! Great gift, Anna! Anna told me that she got the idea from an auction item at her preschool's auction, then just did a search online for "fort building kits" and designed hers from there.

I warn you that what I sewed a couple of days ago is totally lame compared to this. I am working on Halloween costumes now, though. So, that is promising, right?

:) Shelly

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