September 6, 2011

bean bag, anyone?

Hey! Remember me? Sorry it's been so long. I have a pretty good excuse: We finally finished building our house, and then we moved into it a few weeks ago (yay!). I learned that packing, moving, and unpacking is really difficult when you have two little knuckleheads running around. I also learned that I will never build a house again (even though I love the house and am very thankful for it). I promise to update my other blog soon so that you can see the finished project. Everything is still a complete mess right now!

These two have also kept me very busy. And now with Charlie starting Kindergarten (tomorrow!) I'm totally frazzled. Did I also mention that I am 16 weeks pregnant? Yep, I just finished up with my crawl-into-a-hole-to-die morning sickness phase a couple of weeks ago, and I'm finally feeling like I have a little more energy (maybe to unpack?). I'm really good with timing, huh?

So, I haven't sewn anything in a couple of months. However, I have been clearing some items out of my collection of homemade goods. Remember this bean bag? Well, a certain little 2.5 year-old likes to unzip it and release all of the beans from captivity. I've decided that one of those foam chairs from Pottery Barn is a good investment for that little devil (and for my own sanity!). So... this bean bag is up for grabs! It comes complete with a bag full of refill beans to plump it up.

I did make this bag quite a while ago - look at how little my menacing Marcus was when I completed it! So, it does bear the signs of being gently used and loved. If you live in the area and are willing to pick this up from my house (old or new!), I am happy to give it to the first person to contact me through a comment to this post.

I'll have something new to share very soon - not by me, but by my crafty friend, Anna (who actually has an organized sewing room that she is currently using). Let's hope the dust on my machine clears soon - at least by Halloween!

:) Shelly


  1. Congratulations on completing the house, getting moved in and on the pregnancy! All very exciting! Sorry, though, I can't help take the bean bag chair off your hands.

  2. We would love to take the bean bag chair off of your hands!!! It's so cute!

  3. I used a pattern I borrowed from Anna, Karen. If I was to make another I would buy the Rollie Pollie pattern from MADE and do a stuffed bag rather than a bean bag.

  4. Good read. Its nice seeing children enjoying the outdoors on their bean bag. Thanks for posting.