April 3, 2011

baby to big boy blanket

My friends, Celia and Adam, had a baby last weekend (Happy Birthday to you, Little Loic!), and I made their new little guy a big blanket to celebrate his arrival.

I paired the blanket with this adorable book (the felt owl is a little puppet that you can move around while reading the story!).

I just about died when I saw this fabric at JoAnn's a few weeks ago. There is just something about robots that gets me every time. It is funny because robots can be very creepy in real life, but they seem so cute and cuddly when put into this cartoon form. By the way, this fabric was already pieced together like this when I bought it (I don't know how to quilt - yet!).

The blanket is large enough to fit on a toddler bed, just like the one Charlie has pictured here. I made this blanket for him when he was 2 years old (in an effort to entice him into sleeping in his toddler bed so that the crib would be free for Marcus - it was a success!). He still sleeps with this favorite blanket in his big boy twin bed.

And since I don't know how to quilt, I just backed Loic's blanket with green flannel, and I didn't bind it at all. I was telling Chris this morning that I'd really love to take a quilting class (hint, hint). We'll see what he does with that information... (Hello, Mothers' Day!)

Congratulations to Celia, Adam, and Eloise! And, I can't wait to meet you, Little Loic!

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  1. That robot fabric is adorable! Jody would love it. I am trying to make him a stuff robot from old t-shirts right now. Slow going.