December 14, 2010

attention all superheros: wear capes at your own risk!

I actually finished these two capes last Thursday, but was delayed in posting photos of them because of a (possible) superhero cape related injury involving my senior superhero, Charlie.

Here's the story (and also a disclaimer if I've sold or gifted you a cape!):

Last Thursday, I was walking into toddler preschool with Marcus (these capes in hand to deliver), when I received a call from my friend and fellow mom at Charlie's cooperative preschool. Charlie had fallen off of the climber at his school and hit his head. The (many) quick-thinking parents who attended to him called 911 because it appeared that he blacked-out for a second or two. He was okay, but when I got there he was being prepared to be transported to the ambulance so that they could take him to the hospital to check him over - just as a precaution.

We rode in the ambulance to the ER at Harborview Medical Center, talking the whole way about the similarities between the real ambulance and his Playmobil ambulance at home. I held his hand and tried not to look scared (even though I was freaking out). Once we got to the hospital and he was taken out of the apparatus they used to keep his head and neck stationary, he was his typical gregarious, chatty self - totally charming all of the nurses and doctors. No CT scan, no overnight stay, just about an hour of observation, a follow-appointment with our pediatrician, and a prescription for lots of rest.

One theory for the cause of his fall was that the superhero cape he was wearing got caught up under his feet while he was climbing around on the play structure. Whatever the cause, these are accidents that just happen when you're a kid (and a superhero), and we're just relieved our Super Charlie is okay. Moral of the story: no climbing with your cape on! Additional moral of the story: cooperative preschool rocks and there is nowhere else I'd want my kids to be!

Now, onto the capes...
This one is for Liam who loves firetrucks and animals. I used some of the fleece from my dalmatian costume for the puppy's head (it is difficult to see, but there are also little dalmatian firedogs in the firetruck print).

Charlie really liked this cape and didn't want to take it off.

The lining is a red check-like pattern that matched up with the firetrucks quite well. I took this photo the morning of Charlie's accident - so you can see how fired-up he was about being a superhero that day!

Okay, this is seriously my favorite cape I've ever made. I was really nervous when starting this cape for Malaika who loves giraffes and the color orange. I couldn't make the orange work in the cape design, but I think I totally nailed the giraffe request!

I used some scraps of this fabric for the burp cloths I recently made. It is totally adorable fabric! I found some free clip art to use for tracing the giraffe. It is really difficult to draw a giraffe (at least for me!).

The lining on the inside of the cape is the best part, though. I mean, how perfect is that?! Thanks for spotting that for me at the fabric store, Anna!

I have two more superhero capes on order to finish before New Year's Eve. I'm looking forward to a little break from cape making so that I can be fresh for these last two. The only Christmas presents I'm making are an aporn and some pillowcases for my nieces and nephews, so hopefully I can get those completed before our Christmas trip to Chicago!

:) Shelly

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