November 2, 2010

only 363 more days until halloween

Even though every year I work myself up into a frenzy making costumes and gripe about the amount of sweets being consumed by the kids (and by me!), Halloween is my favorite of all holidays. And, I'm sad that it is over. I love seeing kids of all ages and adults joining together to just have fun and be silly! Charlie's preschool teacher said it best in this post : It makes me happy to live in a place where adults haven't forgotten how to play. That is totally how I feel about Halloween.

Spaceboy and Spaceman (aka: Buzz Lightyear and his spaceranger partner). Chris was very happy with his costume this year. I think it was just enough for him without being too much. My only mistake is that I didn't make him a purple belt. He was a bit disappointed about that. I would have never guessed!

I actually wore the spaceranger partner costume to Charlie's school Halloween party. I think Chris looked better in it. There is something about a size 4T helmet that just doesn't work for me.My firedog costume was actually a big hit with Marcus and on the trick-or-treating route. Plus, it kept me nice and cozy on the brisk night. I still can't believe it stayed dry for us! Hooray, Seattle!

Next year I am definitely going back to the family costume, especially after seeing two of my friends in their family costume splendor:

Jaimee with her family as Word Girl, Captain Huggy Face, Lady Redundant Woman, and The Butcher (from PBS's Word Girl). This totally rocks.

Anna with her family as Flower, Bumble Bee, and a Pair of Skunks. I love that Henry pretended to spray each person who handed him candy during trick-or-treating (He added a "thank-you" with his spray, of course!).

You know, there is always an excuse to make a good costume when you have kids to sew for. Something new coming soon!

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