November 4, 2010

super monkey cape

Just what I needed to alleviate those post-Halloween blues... sewing a superhero cape. Yep, putting my foot to the pedal while sitting in the sunny sunroom sewing this afternoon made me happy as a lark!

This cape is a birthday present for Marcus' friend, Lucy (aka: Lu). She is a big fan of monkeys.

I am a big fan of the bright yellow and blue combination. Marcus is a big fan of the Annie's fruit snacks he was awarded for modeling Lu's cape.

He didn't stay still for long! Even though Lu is only 2 years old (only a wee bit older than Marcus), I decided to make my standard cape size for her. This way she can grow into it, but still get some good wear out of it now. From my experience, the hard-core cape wearing really begins around age 3... like to the grocery store, to school, to the airport, etc. So, for now the ends of the cape will probably only drag on the floors of your own house, Andrea!

Or Lu can always lift the ends off of the ground like my little gentleman did here. (Random comment: I know that Marcus needs a haircut, but I think that his ragamuffin look is too cute, so I am finding excuses why I can't take him to the barber shop.)

Up next: I think I might participate in a sew-a-long. House on Hill Road has a pillow sew-along coming up this Sunday. Our bed needs some serious help, and I purchased some fabulous fabric from IKEA a looong time ago to improve its dire situation. This sew-along might just be the kick-in-the-pants that I've needed to get my project going.

:) Shelly

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