October 13, 2010

fireman's gear

This afternoon I cut out the pattern for Marcus' fireman Halloween costume. I am really looking forward to sewing it up because he has been joyously parading around the house in his fireman costume accessories.

Isn't this fireman hat awesome? I love it because it is soft (rather than slippery hard plastic), so it stays put on Marcus' head. I actually bought this hat secondhand from Rising Stars a couple of years ago for our dress-up box. Both of my boys love it!

I also picked up some fireman rainboots for Marcus. He needed some rainboots for the fall/winter/spring (we live in Seattle, after all), so I figured I might as well make my costume creation job easier by purchasing the fireman style from Western Chief. They are pretty cute, huh? Marcus thinks they are great!

This is the pattern I used for Charlie's spaceboy costume, and it just so happened that there is a fireman costume included in the pattern pieces! Love how that worked out! Even better is the fact that I purchased it on a day that JoAnn Fabrics was having a 99 cent sale on Butterick patterns. Sweet! I plan to make Marcus' fireman jacket black with yellow stripes... and I am making it out of flannel (for cozy softness) instead of vinyl. My choice of flannel seems kind of ironic for a fireman's coat since flannel is actually flammable. However, I am choosing to embrace the irony and continue with the flannel in hopes that it's snuggliness will encourage Marcus keep the coat on his body!

Too exhausted to sew tonight, but hoping to make some serious strides in costume completion this weekend.

:) Shelly


  1. While you are at it will you whip up a cowgirl for me to wear ; ) So jealous of your crafty costumes, your kids will be far superior to my children and their polyester pre-fab costumes!

  2. I may just set something on fire so firefighter Marcus can come to my rescue!
    That's fantastic that both patterns were in the same envelope.

  3. I love your flammable fireman idea! He's gonna need the extra warmth and comfort if it's cold and wet on the 31st. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. I'm going to be in the same boat as Marcus. My pink bunny costume is all flannel. Guess we'll have to stay away from the candles in the jacks!