October 10, 2010

spacesuit for spaceboy

Spaceboy is ready for action! And, just so you know, I have never finished a Halloween costume this early in the month of October. I am usually scrambling in the last week before Halloween to crank out our costumes. I guess I can attribute my productivity in this area to my incredible need for sewing therapy these past few weeks since we started building our new house.

Anyways, Charlie is pretty psyched about his costume. I admit that it reminds one of a certain (very popular) Disney Pixar space ranger, but I am not going to name names because I was trying to avoid making a Disney costume. Apparently, my wonderful husband has already agreed to Charlie's request for wings, so I guess I should just admit defeat and surrender to the Disney machine.

Charlie's favorite feature of his costume is the button on his space cuff. Me? I'm partial to the purple belt. (Also, isn't the rocket in the background cool?! Made by Anna, of course!).

Oh, to heck with it... TO INFINITY, AND BEYOND!

:) Shelly


  1. Indeed, "To infinity, and beyond!" Charlie B. is going to go gaga over this one. Nice work!

  2. Awesome Shelly! Amazing!
    Please don't tell Ella you have C's costume done already....and can I call you for moral support when I'm attempting to sew the spandex bodysuit for Word Girl?!

  3. Shelly, I'm so impressed and it looks SO adorable. My mother would be ashamed of me this year as I bought both of the kids costumes..ugh. Where do you find the time? Jaimee - Please post family picture of halloween...please, please, please. Audrey as Captian Huggy Face...seriously? I die.

  4. Uncle! You are organized!
    We have a wig...and a stack of fabric...
    I better get crackin!