October 19, 2010

marcus to the rescue!

I finished Marcus' fireman costume last night!

The jacket came together quite nicely. I wanted to make it a bit large for him so that he could get a good 1.5 years or so out of it as a dress-up costume.

Marcus was somewhat surly about doing a full costume try-on and modeling for me this morning. So, I decided against changing him into the black long sleeve t-shirt and pants that I bought to go under his jacket. The collar of the jacket opens up pretty wide, so I think the black t-shirt underneath will help make it look more fireman-y. After all, what kind of firman wears a white onesie?!

I am most proud of the patch that I made for the front of the jacket. I copied it off of the patch on the store-bought hat, and I was very impressed with my own craftsmanship (do you hear my own horn tooting?)! The hat and jacket almost look like they are a set!

Marcus' photo-shoot was pretty short this morning. Hopefully he will be more excited about wearing his costume to go trick-or-treating!

I'm racking my brain to come up with something for me and Chris to wear for Halloween (yes, Chris said he'd actually dress-up! I'm sure I'll regret the decision to make him a costume, but I can't help myself). I only have one week until Charlie's preschool Halloween party, so I'll have to get clever.

:) Shelly

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