September 21, 2010

pre-k lunch sack

Today was Charlie's first day of pre-kindergarten class at his preschool. I dropped him off with a packed lunch and a book for show-and-tell, and he was all smiles about what the afternoon had in store for him. In preparation for his big first day today, I made him a reusable lunch sack. He was quite delighted with his new preschool accessory!

I used a tutorial found here at Tumbling Blocks to start out. I followed the tutorial to make the shape of the bag, but I decided against Tumbling Block's roll-over closure, in favor of a more Charlie-friendly velcro tab closure. I also added a strap to Charlie's bag.

It is fairly commodious.

And I was able to use up some leftover fabric from two other projects, a scrappy clutch and a cozy car caddy! I thought about using vinyl or oil cloth, but it just seemed like good old cotton was safest for a food container - and it can just be tossed into the washer!

The bag even stands up well!

When I picked Charlie up from school, he reported that he had difficulty sitting still at circle time and that he got into trouble for not keeping his body to himself. However, he then told me with a big, proud smile that he ate most of the food we packed in his new lunch sack. And he said that he had fun. I'm glad about that.

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