April 5, 2010

Charlie's "Cozy Car Caddy"

I am slightly resentful of the Easter Bunny for taking credit for this...

Charlie searched and searched for his Easter basket (which was actually a sandbox bucket) on Sunday morning and finally found it behind a chair in our living room. Inside was this cozy car caddy which I (not the Bunny!) made using a terrific tutorial from Homemade by Jill. I followed her tutorial almost exactly - the only changes I made were fabric and strap choices. Like Jill, I used denim, but instead of duck cloth, I used this awesome fabric (which I bulked up with a little Pellon 60 sew-in interfacing). I didn't have any belting on hand, so I just made my own for the strap.

Oh, and I made the car applique on the front out of felt because I was too lazy to do all of that tight stitching. Here's the little caddy all rolled up.

And, I just have to provide you with a close-up of this incredibly awesome fabric. I am totally in love with it. I think I might buy some more so that I can use it to make Charlie's new big-boy bed duvet cover.

Check out how slick the vintage car is. And, look! It even has a super cool Chicago skyline image... my sweet home Chicago! Or, as Charlie calls it, "Cago."

Cozy car caddy fit perfectly in Charlie's Easter bucket. And, Scrappy the Corduroy Dog nestled himself quite nicely in Marcus' bucket.

Upon finding his bucket, Charlie immediately began playing with his new trucks and caddy.

Marcus played with just about everything in his bucket (including the bucket!) - everything except Scrappy the Corduroy Dog, that is! Boo-hoo.

Later I found him thrown haphazardly into the shoe basket. Oh well.

Hope you had a very happy Easter!


  1. Shelly, you are making some incredible memories and keepsakes for your boys! The car caddy something every boy should have.

  2. Your car caddy turned out so cute! I LOVE the car applique on the front...super cute!