September 9, 2010

knitting show-and-tell

I don't have a new project to show you today, but I have a pretty good reason for my lack of crafting productivity: we just got back from a week-long vacation in Montana and Wyoming! Yellowstone National Park totally took my breath away. The car ride to Montana was not quite as exhilarating, but it was very scenic. I thought I would try to knit a scarf while traveling in the car, and I guess I could blame my wandering eyes for the very little knitting I accomplished, but that would be a big fat lie. In truth, I am a terrible knitter. I've tried to teach myself several times, but with every attempt, I just get frustrated and end up hiding my little knitting bag away for another day. Yep, knitting in the car just made me grumpy and kind of carsick.

I have friends who are great knitters, though. Check out these darling hats that two of my friends made for my boys (when their heads were this small). Audrey made the two on the ends - the red one is Charlie's and the sage green one is Marcus'. The boys both wore the bright green cap pictured in the middle - that one was knitted by my friend, Catherine.

Catherine also knitted this awesome scarf for me (my very favorite scarf of all scarves!).

And this scarf is the only thing I've ever knitted that I actually like. I think the trick for me is to use extremely thick, puffy yarn like this so that all of the holes in my knitting don't show. Plus, these bulky yarns knit up very quickly, which is good for someone like me who lacks knitting patience! It is kind of embarrassing to post this picture next to Catherine's scarf. Yikes!

Maybe someday I'll take a knitting class. I bet it would be a very relaxing hobby if I had some good instruction and a lot of practice.

I'm off to Philadelphia for the weekend (all by myself!) to see my family, but after I return I'll have a new sewing project for you!

(PS - Sorry about the dark pictures. My camera is still packed away, and it seemed silly to unpack it just to pack it again. So, I took these photos with my phone.)


  1. yourself...please explain...what is this? (Ha!)
    Pretending to knit is one of my favorite hobbies.

  2. I've gotta get me some knitting friends, too. Then I wouldn't have to buy my daughter cute knit hats. The green one is my favorite, by the way. Lucky you and lucky, warm-headed boys!