July 27, 2010

scrap coat = parade ready!

With twenty hours to spare, I finished the scrap coat for Sew Up Seattle's Great Scrap Coat Challenge! Charlie, Marcus, and I are ready to strut our stuff tomorrow in the Greenwood Seafair Parade!

I am delighted with how the cape turned out! My original idea was to make buttonholes on the top of the cape so that it can be attached to buttons on the back of the coat. However, when I showed the work in progress to Charlie yesterday, he wanted desperately to wear the cape solo. So, I ripped the shorter top band off of the cape and replaced it with a longer band that fastens with velcro.

I still needed to use the buttons, so I stitched them onto the front of the strap. Not only did this add a little bit of flare, but it also cleverly disguised the messy zipper installation and hem job I did at the top of the coat (ooops!). I also opted for some simple patch pockets, rather than the large front pocket I previously had on the coat - these pockets are perfect for a certain superhero's Matchbox cars (that travel with him everywhere he goes!).

Now I just have to hope that Charlie will wear his coat in the parade tomorrow! After the parade, I'll post some pictures of the three of us and the superhero coat in action.


  1. Of course Charlie needs to wear that cape on its own---who wouldn't?! It's fabulous!
    We'll be looking for you at the parade and cheering you on!

  2. These are fantastic, Shelly! I sure wish I could have seen Charlie in the parade.