March 16, 2010

New & Improved Frenchy Bag!

Introducing... my new Frenchy Bag! And, let me tell you, I am beyond excited about this bag. It turned out just as I pictured it (*happy sigh*).

I think I may even like it better than the one I destroyed!

The best part about the new bag, in my modest opinion, is the piping. I love piping almost as much as I love bias tape. This little pillow (one of a pair) has seen better days, but long ago when I took a sewing class at North Seattle Community College with my partner-in-stitch, Anna, I demonstrated my love for fabric-covered buttons and piping by creating it (though it is very poorly sewn - apparently, I've come a long way).

I recently rediscovered the fabulousness of piping when I found this darling hat at Mink in Portland. It was even on sale!

So, as I embarked on sewing a replacement Frenchy Bag, I had two objectives: 1) improve pocket design, and 2) pipe it!

So this is the lining of the bag before it was sewn in. I put three pockets on one side of the bag, with a shallow middle pocket for easy cell phone access. (I actually don't own an iPhone, but please note that I've planned ahead for the day that I will get one.)

On the other side of the bag are two larger pockets - one for snacks and my trusty first aid kit, and the other for my keys. I thought about making a lip balm pocket, but that just seemed ridiculous.

So, I have to admit, I did run into a little problem because of the piping. It was really hard to line up my seams when I topstitched - yikes! I ended up ripping this out and redoing the topstitching.

Then I ripped it out again and redid it AGAIN.

And finally I decided that it looked pretty good - not perfect, but I concluded that the imperfections gave it character. Check out the functional pockets! YES!

And, even though I was cursing the piping at the end of my sewing session, I'm totally loving it now. Oh, Frenchy Bag... we will have so much fun together!

By the way, I'm not sure if she sells already-made Frenchy Bags on her site, but Amy Butler does sell the Frenchy Bag pattern and some other super cute already-made bags on her website here. Her fabric is gorgeous!


  1. Looks really cute and professionally done! I can't believe all you get done!

  2. I LOVE that bag and the fabrics you used!!