March 11, 2010

Sew Dejected

Oh, Brother. What a horrible day I've been having today. Not only am I contending with an extremely grumpy teething Marcus today, but I'm also absolutely famished on this torturous gluten-free diet I started yesterday. And, did I mention I got into a fender-bender this morning? Yep, my day has been that awesome. So, I thought I'd present a little fabric show for you.

There's been a huge helping of work on my plate this week, but today I have decided to scrap my to-do list and sew. I actually have been sewing a little bit this week - with the kids at preschool, as a matter of fact! We are using these cut-open burlap coffee bean sacks to fashion a cover for our brand new sand pit. The project is still in its preliminary stages (they are 3, 4, and 5 year-olds, after all!), but I promise to share pictures when we finish it.

I purchased this charming fabric yesterday with plans to make two girlie tool belts for a couple of birthday girls whose big days are coming up. This is the kind of fabric that makes me long to have a daughter. It is the epitome of cuteness. I almost wanted to use it to make a new bag for myself, but I know that would make me look like a total freakshow. Yes, I definitely need a daughter. I'll tell hubby we need to get on that right away :)

I think I may start this project tonight because it will make me feel so much better about my day (Yes, I'll be bringing this fabric to cut out tonight while we watch Survivor, Anna). This is the new fabric for my replacement Frenchy Bag. The apples and pears will form the band across the top, the green will be the outside of the bag, and the brown polka-dots will serve as the lining. I also have a little brown piping and some cute red buttons to embellish it. So exciting! I thought the apples and pears were a nice compliment to my new gluten-free lifestyle.

And this last fabric is for a superhero cape for my little superhero pal Evan and his sidekick stuffed-animal chicken, Peep. It will feature Peep on the back, and I think that Peep will even have a cape of his own to wear. He will be a totally cool "chick" (ha, ha). Evan's mom, Jill, chose these cute little choo-choo trains for the inside of the cape. I'm super excited for this project, too!

Now I'm off to get some feel-good going by ironing out my bag fabric. Keep your fingers crossed that the estimate for the car damage doesn't put a damper on my future fabric buying... and that maybe my day gets a little bit better.

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  1. Oh what a day you have had. Don't worry, night is just about here and you'll be off to sleepville in no time. Tomorrow will be better, I promise. Now about those coffee bags -- I see gorgeous pillow covers when I lool at them. I love that worn, natural look. The girlie fabrics are precious. You're so talented.