February 2, 2010

Teepee Playhouse Progress!

Wow. This last panel seemed to take me an awful long time to complete. I am totally obsessed with the design and layout process of this project, but I think I may be losing some steam on the sewing parts. This does not bode well for me as I near the assembly portion of the teepee project. I'm hoping to finish this weekend, but that darn Superbowl is Sunday. Rats!

At first I had only the turnips and red onion in the garden. There was entirely too much open space, and the garden was begging for something tall. With little room for a tall crop like corn, I came up with the scarecrow. When my older son saw it he said, "Ooooh. A scarecrow. He's scary." Not exactly what I was going for.

The red onions are really purple, but they are still fun to pick. Don't eat one, though - it will taste like polyfill if you do.

The turnips were made with the same carrot pattern from my last panel. These turned out much better because I sewed them from the bottom up and attached the tops last. These are the expensive organic turnips you get from Whole Foods, and the carrots are the waterlogged ones that sit on the produce display for weeks at Safeway.

Big-eye birdie. I've officially run out of buttons. The white stitching came about out of pure laziness - I didn't feel like changing the thread AGAIN. But, it ended up making this little guy stand out a lot more against the light blue background. So, it was a win-win!

"If I only had a brain..."

I've gotten quite a bit better with the embroidery floss since my last trial ("MAIL" on the mailbox). I'm still struggling with it, though.

Speaking of mail... check out the FABULOUS mail that Anna made for the teepee. This mail was actually what jump-started my progress on the teepee. Admire Anna's near-perfect embroidery skills. She will be a frequently featured guest sewer on this blog, as she is the creator of many super cute projects.

While I was finishing up the scarecrow's face, my older son woke up from his nap. I was talking with him while my eyes were glued on my project-in-hand, and then I discovered that he was helping me "organize" my embroidery floss. Arghhh.

Don't worry... while I was photographing the panel he got the red floss, too. No embroidery floss left untangled!

The last panel is in the works! Hooray!

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