February 9, 2010

Teepee Tedium

In case you were wondering... Yes, I am still working on the teepee! I anticipated this last panel taking a long time to complete (which is why I saved it for last). I'm not finished with it yet, but thought I'd post what I have so far.

The apples are affixed to the tree with velcro, so they can be "picked" even by my short little boys.

Each apple picked can be placed in this little basket. I love the basket - it came out so much better than I imagined. I wove the felt strips and sewed them onto another piece of felt, the used some decorative stitching to hold it all together

I cut the last few pieces out - some birds and a bunny. I was so excited about the bunny tail - I was planning to use one of the little puff balls that I used for the flowers on the first panel. Then I realized that I used up all the white puffs when I did the flowers! Drat! Now I have to take apart one of the white flowers and replace it with a pink puff ball so that my rabbit has a tail. Of course there will be button eyes to sew on the birds and some embroidery to give the bunny a happy face.

I've discovered that posting an anticipated timeline for finishing this project is an exercise in futility. Just because I write it doesn't mean it will even come close to happening. So, I will just say this: I will finish this teepee soon. I promise!


  1. Great idea -- weaving the felt for the basket. You really put a lot into this teepee. The boys will have so much fun with it.

  2. Thanks, Mom. I am really excited to sew it all together, but kind of sad that I'm almost finished with the embellishments. I just have to make the door knob for the door flaps and sew on a few button eyes, and then I'll be done! But I'm not sure I'll make another - this one took forever! I don't know how the people who sell them on Etsy do it!