February 19, 2013

infinity scarf madness!

I've been doing a little experimenting with knits this past week. It went... okay. Let's just say I've done a lot of learning.

This scarf is made from a thicker cotton jersey knit I found at JoAnn's. It is pretty easy to sew - I just used a straight stitch and a very slight tug. I like how it makes a fuller, almost ruffly effect when wrapped twice around.

I found this knit at JoAnn's, as well. It is almost like a lightweight sweater material, slightly ribbed and a little bit fuzzy. It is amazingly light on the neck, and I love the pops of color.

This is also a cotton jersey, lighter than the first scarf but heavier/thicker than the typical cotton jersey. It is hard to see in this photo, but there are small lines of silver between the stripes.

This scarf was made from a rayon jersey knit. It was insanely difficult to work with - probably because it was such cheap fabric. I had to cut it apart after attempt #1, which is why it is a little bit skinnier and shorter than the previous three scarves. I kind of like the turtleneck look, though. It feels very flashback.

The first three scarves are being packaged up and sent to my son's elementary school auction. The last one has too many mistakes to sell, auction, or gift... so I'll probably wear it until it falls apart on me.

I have three other projects in the hopper right now - a cape, two baby gifts, and a bag. All are in various states of completion. I have to buckle down and focus on one at a time! So, I'll be taking a break from knits for now.

:) Shelly


  1. I wouldn't be able to part with the circle one! i woud keep it and just send in a donation! :) All the scarves are beautiful!

    1. I bought an extra 2/3 yard of that fabric so that I could make one for myself! Great minds think alike! Thanks for the kind words!

  2. My favorite is that last one made with the rayon jersey--just love the skinny stripes. Nice work on the scarves! I'm glad to see you're still sewing!

  3. These are adorable (like most things you make)! Do you have an etsy store? I know I'm going to find a link somewhere or see a blurb explaining the answer as soon as I hit send...

  4. Thank u Eva and Trisha! I'm working on a shop...possibly. :)

  5. They are all very attractive. My favorites are the top two with the circle print.