June 13, 2012

more car seat covers

I attended two baby showers this past weekend, and I managed to squeak out a couple of car seat covers for the expecting moms using this wonderful tutorial from Make It Do. 

This one was for Molly, who is having her first baby boy this summer. I laughed at myself for picking out yet another bird print - my obsession kind of reminds me of Portlandia's Put a Bird On It.

I tried to make Molly's cover more gender-neutral so that she can use it again if she has another child.

One thing about these covers - you can flip them around once baby gets old enough to be interested in dangling toys. Here's a shot of mine with the outside print on the inside so that toys can hang from the handle for Morgan.

This cover was for Sarah, who is having her second baby girl this summer. She's told me that she's done having kids after this little one comes along, so I decided to really pink-it-up for her.

The fabric for the covers is all from JoAnn Fabrics, and the outer print of Sarah's cover is Heidi Grace.

I can't wait to meet these summer babies! And, I am excited for summer to finally begin around here (it is June and I am wearing a down vest in my house! Oh, Seattle!).

:) Shelly


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