February 8, 2012

laminated cotton messenger bag

Only about 1.5 weeks to go until my due date, and I've finished another project! I made this laminated cotton messenger bag using this tutorial from Sew Can Do.

I would be fibbing if I said this was an easy bag for me to make. I've made messenger bags before, and this tutorial is very easy to follow. However, I had some trouble with the laminated cotton, a fabric I've never worked with before. I bought this Riley Blake Sugar and Spice fabric from fabric.com. I should have read up a little bit on using laminated cotton. I also should have bought a little extra fabric than what was recommended in the tutorial - this is because I messed up on some of my cutting and because about 2 inches on the sides of the laminated cotton was not laminated! I was slightly annoyed about that!

I originally had a pretty green floral from the same Riley Blake line for the lining, but my pregnant brain got the best of me and I cut my pieces out wrong, ending up short on fabric. So, I picked up this pretty blue dot by Heidi Grace at JoAnn Fabrics instead. I actually ended up liking it better. This bag is HUGE. I'm not even close to filling it up (yet). I have a diaper/wipes case, a wet bag with spare baby clothes and spare pants and undies for Marcus, a nursing cover, and diapers in there so far and there is so much room left!

It has nice side pockets, and the laminated cotton is very soft and supple... so it collapses a bit when it is not full. I actually like that feature because the bag hugs the side of my body instead of sticking out like a big box with a strap.

Speaking of the strap, I was not so sure about the shape of this strap when I first cut it out. But, it totally worked when I put on the bag. It is very comfortable to carry. All and all, I like the bag. I'm sure the roominess will be great for the first few months with baby, and then I can downsize to the other bag I made.

I started baby's quilt last night. That will (hopefully) be my last project and will keep me busy while I wait for her arrival. This will be my first quilt ever, and so far I'm loving the process!

:) Shelly

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