June 26, 2011

pirate hooks

Sewing around here should actually be renamed slowing. I've managed to cut out all of the pieces to make the two bags for the Bo M. Karlsson auction in August... but that's about it. I'm hoping to light a fire under my sloth-like self this week. In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy a craft (this word is used loosely) that Charlie and I worked on while Marcus was napping the other day. Pirate hooks!

Marcus was very pleased with his surprise new pirate accessory. These hooks continue to provide hours of fun with only minutes to make! If we stick with a pirate-theme birthday party for Charlie this year, I think I might use black cups and silver pipecleaners to make these for the craft.

Hook How-To
1. Tear off a sheet of aluminum foil and roll it into a thin strip.
2. Poke two holes into the bottom of a paper cup.
3. Insert the foil strip into one hole in the paper cup and bring it back up through the other. Adjust length so that you have one long end and one short end.
4. Twist the short end onto the long end.
5. Shape the long end into a hook.
6. Say Aaaarghhh!

Marcus can make a mean pirate face.

As can Charlie!

The best things about these hooks are: 1) They are cheep and easy to make 2) They won't make a scratch on the skin if they accidentally hit someone.

I'll sew something soon!

:) Shelly

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