April 25, 2011

pirate vest

Exciting! Check out my capes on this cool photography blog here.

On Thursday night I managed to finish Charlie's pirate vest for Easter. My late-night sewing buddy, Anna, made one, too. We used the Frontier Vest pattern from MADE, and they fit our slim little four year-olds perfectly!

This fleece-panted pirate sported his vest all over town on Friday (yes, Friday... because I couldn't wait until Easter to give it to him). Many strangers received a friendly ARRRRGHH! along the streets from Charlie.

Don't look too closely at my bias tape job - it was getting really late when I finished the vest. Sloppy, sloppy! There was quite a few, "Oh well, it is only a costume" remarks from both me and Anna. I put in some handy pockets to hold a pirate's booty, but I should have also included a sword loop like Anna did - Charlie actually looked for one when he tried on the vest.

I reminded him that he has not one, but two, pirate belts for his sword and scabbard. And just look at the color coordination of the pirate vest and cross-body pirate belt that Charlie and I made! You would have thought we actually planned that!

The pirate hats actually came from the Easter bunny. He left both of the boys some treats in upturned pirate hats in the garage. The Easter bunny discovered a bounty of pirate goodies at Archie McPhee this year.

Self-named Pirate Pescado (left) and Pirate Stink Beard (right) enjoy a mean breakfast of toast and jam with strawberries. Please note that Marcus is not wearing his tool belt - he's not a fan of it. Oh, well. You win some, you lose some.

Hope everyone had a fun Easter and/or Passover holiday!

:) Shelly

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  1. Nothing says Easter like a pirate vest. Very cute though.