March 24, 2011

another pirate belt

Last week Charlie asked me if we could sew him up a new pirate belt. He was really enjoying the pirate belt that he sewed himself, but felt that a cross-body belt would better hold his sword and scabbard.

It was funny because Charlie didn't really want to sew any part of it this time around - he only wanted to design! He ordered a waist belt with a cross-body belt attached. Then he suggested we add a pocket to hold his "treasures" (those would be Connect Four game pieces). Charlie sat next to me at my machine during the entire project, monitoring my handiwork for quality assurance.

Charlie actually has an eye patch, but prefers to use his hand.

Apparently, this pirate belt design is more ergonomically correct for scabbard/sword carrying. The belt totally reminds me of a crossing-guard belt! I was having elementary school safety patrol leader flashbacks!

The pocket ended up being Charlie's favorite feature of the belt.

Arrggg... thar's me eye patch, matey!

:) Shelly

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