April 12, 2011

folklore bag

Thursday Night Sewing Club is so much fun. Sure, there are only two members of this club: me and my friend, Anna. But, we have enough fun for a whole gaggle of seamstresses. Last Thursday we finished our Folklore Bags from One Yard Wonders. Ridiculous as this seems, it took us over two months to finish these up. I blame it on too much talking and probably too much wine.

I was very happy with how my bag turned out. I've been waiting to use this Joel Dewberry fabric for a while now (this is from the Ginseng collection).

The lining is actually my favorite part (though it is a little bit baggy). I think this is Moda fabric, but I can't remember.

So here is where I admit that sewing this bag wasn't all butterflies and rainbows for me. I think I am actually the one who talks too much (and probably the one who drinks too much wine) during Thursday Night Sewing Club. The evidence is clear: I attached my strap onto the wrong side of my pleat, didn't notice, and proceeded to sew my entire bag together! I took it home, proud as a peacock, only to discover the big mistake the next morning. Good grief! I had to rip the top stitching out, rip my handle out, and resew it all. I confessed about it to Anna via email and she didn't believe me. (Yep, it's true, dude).

In all seriousness, the pattern was a little bit strange, but the product is great. It is a perfectly sized handbag, and the pleats and contoured band give it that extra flair. I'm sure I'll want to make this again. I wish I could show you Anna's bag because it is super cute. Maybe she'll send me a photo to post?

:) Shelly


  1. Let me know when you open up enrollment in the sewing club :)
    The bag is great--such designer colors!

  2. I'd love to join the club, too! I really just need an excuse to start making stuff again... :-)

  3. I would love to start a sewing night once or twice a month once we move into our new house. Thursday nights Anna and I mostly sew, but sometimes we do other stuff like watch trashy tv or go out for girls' night. This is probably why it took us so long to make the bags!