March 2, 2011


Yesterday I needed an easy project to relax with while Marcus enjoyed his afternoon slumber and Charlie was off at pre-k class. Since Charlie had requested a back-up flannel pillowcase (my laundry turn-around time is slow and Charlie has become a big fan of his first flannel case), and I had some flannel in my stash that was already cut to pillowcase proportions, I decided that pillowcases was the perfect little project.

Dogs for Marcus and monkeys for Charlie. Both pillowcases totally clash with the boys' bedding, but (in case you didn't know) nothing really matches in my house, anyways. Fabric was scored at huge JoAnn Fabrics flannel sale just before Christmas.

They had some serious pillow snuggling going on after their bath. I love making pillowcases! Simple and well-written tutorial by MADE found here.

(Today I was having a little photo-editing fun playing with Picnik. What an awesome site!)

:) Shelly

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