March 10, 2011

butterfly passport cover

My friend, Sam's, birthday was this past weekend, and I really wanted to make her something because she is a big appreciator of all things handmade. Since she is about to embark on a long trip to England with her family, I thought she might need a fancy little passport cover.

I made this passport cover using this very cute handwritten tutorial from bunnybum.

The secret I will reveal to you now is that this was my second attempt at this passport cover. It seems so easy when you read the tutorial, but I totally messed something up and made my first cover too snug for an American passport. When I started my redo, I decided to give myself some extra room and ended up cutting my pieces way too tall. The way I repaired this was by creating the pleat across the middle. Looks kind of cute, right?

Here are photos of my first try at the cover - I was bummed because I used the last of that black and white material for this lining, so I had to change to the green dot material for round two. Still looks pretty good, though. This cover *fits*, but the passport is entirely to difficult to remove and replace into the cover. I thought Sam might appreciate easy passport access (and no in-the-customs-line-fumbling), so that is why a do-over at 10:30 pm was deemed necessary.

Just so you know, I won't be making one of these fabric covers for myself because I already have a darling plastic cover that my friend, Anna, gave to me for Christmas (purchased from OwlSay Designs). So, I am already style'n.

Happy travels to Sam!

:) Shelly

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