July 13, 2010

happy headbands

I know a couple of cute little girls who need some of these fun reversible headbands!

When creating these little hair necessitites, I revisited some of my favorite fabrics - what a fantastic way to utilize some fabric scraps!

My friend over at Two Pockets was so sweet to send me this *handwritten!* tutorial in the mail after I inquired about the darling headbands she had made for her daughter and her daughter's friend. Not only did I love receiving this little surprise in the mail, but I also found her tutorial to be very well-written!

What excites me most about these headbands is that they are the perfect shape for a toddler's/preschooler's head - the band width in the middle is just right (if it was any wider, it would stick out like a little wing towards the back of the head).

So I made three for my lovely niece, Abby.

And three more for my little sweetie niece, Maddie.

I am lacking female models around here, but Charlie and his friend (also Charlie!) were each happy to sport a girlie headband in exchange for a piece of orange Pez.

Marcus let me put one on him, too - he just did it out of the goodness of his heart (or maybe because he isn't as bribery-savvy as his older brother). The fit is a little loose on him, but still stays put.

I plan on making headbands for myself using this tutorial - I believe the shape is perfect for my head, too. And, lately my hair has not been so perfect, especially on those hot days when I engage in hose battles with Charlie. I tell you, those little curly fly-away pieces of hair are not so cute once you hit your mid-thirties.

But, before I make any new hair accessories, I have a very exciting project to unveil to you! Stay tuned - it involves sewing CLOTHING (I am tentative, to say the least!).


  1. What great sports, even if they did model for candy! These are great. =)

  2. Yeah, modeling for candy is not to be encouraged, but the boys look so cute in the headbands. Abby and Maddy are so lucky to have a crafty aunt who can make such fashionable headgear for them.

  3. Oh, a little candy never hurt anyone. And, models should be paid, right?! It's a tough job!

  4. Your headbands look wonderful!
    Thanks for motivating me to formally type up the pattern, and for complimenting the quick scrawl of a tutorial I sent you. Please have a look at the typed version on my blog and tell me if you think it reads as well as what I originally hand-wrote for you. Thanks!