July 7, 2010

comparing notes

Well, I learned something yesterday. This stamping/card-making deal actually requires more time than it appears. Let me tell you, this is no hobby for the perfectionist! I mean, if you smudge ink on your card, you can't rip it apart to fix it like you can when sewing (though you can rip it apart, which I almost did...several times). And, this is not a craft for the environmentalist, either. Seriously, how much paper is really necessary to send a "note"? I was actually feeling pretty "brown" after making these cards. However, as negative as I sound about this new interest of mine, it is pretty fun to do. I guess I just need to slow down in my method and give myself more than 20 minutes to make 3 cards.

The umbrella girl thank-you card is my favorite. Her white ribbon sidewalk was an afterthought that (I think) really improved the design. And, I absolutely adore that little turtle stamp. Turtle + ric-rack = ultimate cuteness.

I was a little hasty in my crafting of the hula girl card. Yikes: black ink smudge on top, partially un-inked stamping job on the hula skirt, and unauthorized use of my pinking shears on paper (gasp!) to fix a bad paper cutting job. All of this got me walking at swift pace, card in-hand, to the recycle bin. But, I figure I can send this card to someone who finds comfort in a little imperfection. I need to find that myself!

1 comment:

  1. You can send me the imperfect card :)
    I love the turtle too!!! you rock!